Monday, 8 February 2010

Drawing Tutorials I Found Online

This week I've been looking around at some other drawing tutorials online and I've found a handful of good ones which you may find useful for your own drawing and you may find inspiration in these too.

Over at Dueysdrawings, there are some drawing tutorials basic and advanced, although there are no fantasy based tutorials in sight at the moment, but there are some exceptional step by step guides to drawing a car,  and some good quality face drawing tutorials with drawing hair and noses, eyes and teeth included as separate drawing guides.

One things for sure, if the quality of the tutorials are like this now, then when there are more drawing guides in the future, then I reckon they will be even better and I look forward to some varied drawing tutorials.

How To Draw Manga is an online university that has a few great drawing tutorials, although there are only a few manga drawing tutorials, I'm sure there'll be more, the drawing guides covered are fairly basic ones which many do search for how to do anyway with help on drawing manga eyes and ears and with drawing hands and the folds on clothes, in particular I found the quick video guide on applying screen tone very useful, for those who do not know, in manga comics there are elements of tone that can be applied over the artwork with special sheets that can be applied with care on the art directly.

Artshow is another website that has a lot of drawing tutorials that are collected from allsorts of website on the internet, sites like has a great arts resource that I've been reading for over a year now, Helen South is the mian artist guide that presents all of these drawing tutorials at Drawsketch, so try to have a look at all the sites on the artshow page, as there are some great ones.

And lastly Drawspace is one inspiring place for new drawing and art guides of quality artistic stuff to draw, the site is managed by artist and site owner Brenda Hoddinott and has contributions from other great artists and the drawing tutorials on offer are top quality and there are loads to go through all sorted out A to Z, even though the A to Z directory isn't directly alphabetized, I personally found the section on perspective quite helpful from an artists point of view.

Most of the drawing tutorials you can download and print them off for later use which is a great idea when you don't want to get distracted by your computer and so you can concentrate on your drawing projects that you want to learn.

Have a good drawing time and see what you can create.

These are only but a handful of resources to learn about drawing

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Zombie Head Drawing 3 Part Video Tutorial

Drawing a zombies head video series

When drawing a zombies head, there's not really much planning you need to do, but you still need to have an idea of what you want to achieve and with this video series I thought I'd show you how to draw a quick zombies head in three steps that go through the first sketch and then the developmental sketch right through to the finished inked version without the pencil lines rubbed out.

The first zombie drawing video is the beginning sketch, trying to fully realize something on a blank piece of paper is hard for any artist, but the trick is to just throw yourself into drawing and so watch the first part of the video series on drawing a zombie here

The second video focuses in on developing the zombies head so that it has more shaded areas on it and adds more depth to it, although you find out in the video that I prefer to sketch reallt quick and this is what comes across. See the second Zombie Drawing video to see how this video tutorial plays out.

And lastly the third video goes through the inking stage with my trusty Sharpie black marker and this is the quickest part of zombie drawing with going over the pencil lines in a fast way and so you can see the final part of this zombie drawing how to video series right here.

When trying to draw a zombie there are many different ways and I will be going through other ways and also drawing a full zombie figure also as a video series in the future, so I hope this post has been useful.

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