Friday, 24 August 2012

How To Draw A Demon Woman With Wings

Some time ago now I received an email request about me drawing a Demon girl with wings and this was a fun idea at the time to draw, but with lots of requests I had, it suddenly found itself on the bottom of the pile and soon forgotten about. Until recently that is when I found the notes of all of my requests. I wanted to try and show some of the female form with a nude figure of the demon woman with her wings. And so this three part video was born.

Sketching the Demon Woman

Working out the figure pose of the demon woman is always the most difficult as you are attempting to sketch something that hopefully will work for your own purposes. I wanted this Demon Girl to appear like she has just leapt off the top of a building and is gliding or flying.

Inking the Demonic Woman

Inking the Demon creature always has to be more than simply going over the pencil lines. It has to be about improving the drawing and separating light from shadow over the pencil drawing.

Coloring The Demonic Winged Woman Creature

Using Crayola Twistables you can add an extra dimension to the Demonic woman drawing and I really wanted the woman to look cold like she was the living dead with the exception of the red hair.

Basic Inking Techniques - A Dragon Drawing

On this Dragon drawing I did on a Google live hangout I decided to go through some very basic inking techniques whilst inking the Dragon pencil sketch. The Dragon is a pre-sketch for another project, an idea for a full on fantasy painting which will feature in my bathroom eventually and although this Dragon drawing looks great I think that's were the projects should part company and go their separate ways. I have since had another Dragon idea were the Dragon has his wings outstretched, with fantasy landscape scenery in the background.

Back to this drawing I used a Berol ink pen which is a nice fine ink pen for some detailed inking on the creature with opportunities for cross hatching and bolding the ink lines. Watch the video below and try to see some of the inking methods and some of the tips I try to demonstrate. They will help you in your own drawings.