Thursday, 30 August 2012

How To Draw Carnage - A Spiderman Villain

Drawing Carnage was a nice highlight for me as I loved the character way back reading the comics years ago as a child. Carnage is a Spiderman villain much like Venom in that the costume is a living entity in itself and that makes for a fun drawing. As usual I have broken down the drawing steps into 3 main art videos. The drawing (Which I nearly abandoned...) the inking stage and also the coloring stage of the creative process.

How to draw Carnage - Drawing Carnage is always best done from some forms of visual reference which is something that I didn't do this time around, because I thought I could easily remember the face and the costume and that's why my confidence in the sketch faded slightly, but thankfully, a couple of browses through Google I was able to fix the head and the way the costume looks like it's living and moving. I used a type of pencil that is old school with several plastic containers in the pencil tube that have about 9 leads and these are called popper pencils, they are really cheap and disposable.

In the sketch video below I tried to simply focus on the top half of the drawing and go from there. The idea being that I could focus on the top half quite quickly. But do let me know if you would want to see a Carnage drawing in full figure form.

How to ink Carnage - Inking can be a fairly straight forward process when you take a few things into account first. Light and shadow play a part and the separation of the different areas of the body is what inking is all about. Notice that at the end of this video you can see that the swirly nature of the costume helps separate and also form the body structure particularly in the arms. I used a fine line Berol ink pen which is usually used for handwriting, but no, they are great for inking as they produce a solid fine line that looks good when scanning a drawing into your computer for instance.

The inking stage is your last ditch attempt at cleaning up the drawing or adding more detail to it.

How to color Carnage - The coloring stage was fairly easy, because there is only one main color and that is Red that needs to help shape the form with some moderate shading and totally solid Red areas. I used a light blue to shade the edge of the eyes. Watch the video to see how I colored Carnage.

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