Friday, 4 April 2014

Drawing Some Vampire Skulls

How to draw Vampire Skulls. In the following drawing video I go through 3 very different ways to draw a Vampire skull and if you want to see a much detailed version of a Vampire Skull then look at this video - How to draw Vampire Skull Close up

The three Vampire skulls I have drawn in the video are very simple pencil drawings you can have a go at drawing yourself. The more practice you have of drawing skull variations then the more chance you have of drawing an effective skull design of your own.

How To Draw A Zombie Horse Head Video

How to draw a Zombie Horse head. In the following video I go through a demonstration of sketching a Horses head but with a Zombie theme to it. It is always a fun idea to draw everything as a Zombie these days. I've included the scan of the finished drawing so you can see it here before you watch the drawing video below. (But then you can also see the thumbnail preview on the I'm crazy)

how to draw zombie horse head
Zombie Horse Head drawing by Wayne Tully