Friday, 20 April 2012

How To Draw A Dragon Idea

Draw a Dragon idea from beginning draft sketch to finished inked and colored Dragon drawing. With three drawing videos that show you the full creative process . The first video is the sketching stage of drawing our Dragon idea. This step is the most important as you can work everything out so that it looks right. Setting the stage for your inking and then coloring later on the beginning sketch so that you explore the possibilities.

Inking the Dragon idea now. The design of the Dragon isn't that spectacular as I really should have give it larger dragon horns, but hey it's an idea at least to share with you guys. I use gel ink pens to ink my drawings and they are good even the cheaper gel ink pens work well.

Inking the Dragon scales is a boring process but looks effective when you finish it.

Watch the video....

Coloring the Dragon design now with Crayola Twistable pencils and these are the thicker pencils but ideal for blending the red fire colors of this fire dragon. I like to layer in the darkest colors first and then use the light colors to blend them all together as you can see in the last art video.

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