Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Demons Power Pencil Sketch A Comic Book Concept

The demon rose out of the amulet as the power was great and filled with intense rage of being trapped inside the amulet for centuries, but now this creature has been freed there is no stopping this evil that is about to be spread on the land.

The drawing below is taken from the upcoming Book of evil a graphic novel that will be written and drawn by me and I hope to finish this soon.

Comic books are a childhood memory I am happy to think about often as I have many of the comic books still to this day and I just love the art form with the art telling the stories and the dialogue adding to the visual storytelling.

Comic books also help with the inspiration factor too like movies and regular reading books, so I hope to show some more of my comic book art on this blog and write about the inspiration processes and successes in drawing this kind of art as I think this may be useful for you to read.

demon art pencil sketch
Read the update on my graphic novel entitled the Demons Power

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