Friday, 3 September 2010

Drawing With A Lightbox

Drawing with a lightbox is great for drawing certain designs that you either want drawing right or you want to trace elements of one drawing to another and it's also a good artists tool for drawing animations also.

But I'm not an animator I'm more of an artist and that's what I use the artists lightbox for and here is how I draw with a lightbox....

I get one drawing that I've done and I decide whether that drawing is good, but then maybe I want to do a variation on it so that I could say take the head of something and then draw a completly different portion of the drawing by tracing the head part that I want to keep, but then I start to sketch below where I want a different drawing to occur.

In the following video I show you my light box and in it I'm drawing a halloween pumpkin and tracing over the top and this is only a first look at what you can use a lightbox for in your drawing.