Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Inspirational Drawings Of The 4 Elements

The 4 elements, Earth, Fire, Wind and Water can be summed up with four separate drawings that are inspirational but also remind you of the 4 basic elements of life and that can be included in your drawings and as a bonus I will also include the other element - Ice.

I'm reminded of these elements after watching that classic 80's cartoon - Captain Planet (He's a hero lol!)

Earth is an easy one to draw as it represents our planet and all the things that make it earth like, if that makes sense, you can just draw earth and lots of rocks combined together or just draw the earth, here I've opted for drawing a mound of earth with grass on it, simple, but effective for our inspirational elemental drawings.

Fire on the other hand can be perfectly random, yet also the most fun, because it is very simple to draw and can be drawn in many different ways and in the way I've drawn it, I wanted to convey a small fireball, but a fire ball that was more of a spread out fire object than a totally round fireball.

Wind can be a difficult one to try and draw, but if you think in terms of hurricanes and tornadoes, then it can be a good inspirational thing to try and draw, here I've gone for the hurricane and I wanted to include dust and debris in it to make it look a lot more like wind should be and this isn't just a small exercise in drawing a fart, it's much more than that.
Water is just as fluid as fire, so it can be that random quality too, in the drawing below I wanted to capture some of that, but also the random way water can fall too...

Ice is frozen water just in case you didn't know ....duh!, so it can form icicles like in the image below and classic ledges like a good old fashioned platform game like Mario

The elements can be drawn anyway you want and that's good news for the fantasy artist, as you can come up with something much better and also very creative, for instance you could come up with characters that would depict the elements like other artists have done in the past or even animals, the possibilities are endless, so have a go at drawing the elements in your art.

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