Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Draw Muscles In Fantasy Art - Arms

Drawing arm muscles is really just a good old fashioned study of anatomy and how to draw the muscles that all are stacked on top of each other, but if you practice, by looking and seeing how other artists draw arm muscles then you will pick it up, no matter how long it takes, just keep practicing and then later on try and think in terms of 3D, so that your muscles and dynamic figures that you draw look like they are coming out at you, look to the comic books for inspiration, one great one is Savage Dragon, that's a perfect example of dynamic figure drawing.

Below I have a few quick drawings of arm muscles and in the first one I just will go through, the basics of arm drawing, so in the bottom right hand corner you will see an arm that has been drawn in blocks, these are a rough diagram of the muscles and is a simplified version of how you could build up your arm muscles, Note - This is for a mans arm as you don't see too many women with huge biceps like that unless they have been taking steroids to pump some iron....

There are a couple of other arm muscles examples too on the page as you can see in different positions and this will help you to draw an arm with muscle.

In the second sketch there are two sets of three examples of muscles, we have the first one, which is very muscle heavy as you can see from the amount of muscle lines, the next is a slightly toned down version of the first and the third is with hardly no muscle definition at all, of course not every man you draw will have massive muscles, but it helps to define the form better, but that's up to you in your own drawings.

And the second set are the same as the top ones, except I have drawn the arms bending and flexing their muscles, which is always good to learn to draw as arms obviously can't be drawn just straight all the time.

Drawing arms does take practice, so study people and figures and learn to draw them in your own style like I have....

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