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Art Book Review: 100 Ways To Draw Fantasy Figures

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Art Book review, this time it is the book that I just finished reading last night and it is the 100 Ways To Draw Fantasy Figures By Francis Tsai, the book is a good read at first glance with good sketches and finished artwork to inspire, but look a little bit deeper into it and you soon find out that this book is not for beginners, of course there are some beginners aspects that get mentioned, but this book is for artists who already know how to draw, but it's more a book on how to take your figures of fantasy to the next level.

As usual with these types of books, the art inspires more than the words, but at least with a book like this it gives a guide as to how to draw fantasy figures and it gives a good insight into the work of a professional fantasy artist, so it's not all bad as you do learn a lot about establishing a character from the research of that characters right through to the design of it, but you do have to have an open mind when it comes to this character development process as you do have to have an imagination to fill in the blanks when you try and do it yourself.

The basics of figure drawing are also explored throughout this book as you attempt to decipher your own way of working on your fantasy figures. What I found useful was the little notes that the artist made around his drawings to also guide you ad also to guide the artist for later on and the very fact that you must have a few sketchbooks to hold ideas and concepts to draw on when you are finding it difficult to come up with new ideas - See here for 11 ways to create new ideas from sketching.

As in most other art drawing books, you are given a mix of the basics and more advanced ways to draw creative stuff, so take this book for what it is and learn from it, I'd recommend this book for artists who are confident in creating figures, but need a bit more help with relaying the ideas to the audience with visual communication.

All in all, it was a good book, but for intermediate artists to advanced artists.

Buy the book if you are interested in being inspired further.....

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