Friday, 25 June 2010

New Skull Art T-shirt Available On My Zazzle Store

Just created a skull art design for a new t-shirt on my Zazzle Gallery, and how I created it I simply drew the design in pencil and then inked it, this was a very quick skull design and then I scanned it into my computer and used the free art software Gimp to colour it and add some smudge to the colours, I used reds oranges and yellows and then an almost turquoise blue for the eyes and a glow around the skull and then used the blend tool to blend the colors together.

Then whilst on Zazzle I just added the phrase "Evil is my middle name" just for fun wih the font picker from within the Zazzle product tool dashboard, there are some cool fonts to use there and then wrote the description for the t-shirt and title and then added the tags and placed it in a category and published it to my store.

If you haven't signed up for a Zazzle account yet, then sign up here - Sign up for Zazzle it's free!
You can sell your own designs and build up a proper online business of new products, including T-shirts, mugs, Buttons and badges and lots of other cool stuff you can sell with your designs on, I'm making a good go of it this year with lots of new designs currently in production behind the scenes and of course I'll let you in on some of the how to's of using Zazzle too.

Here is that Skull T-shirt by the way....

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