Monday, 21 June 2010

11 Ways To Be Creative With Sketching New Ideas

Sketching new ideas can be a vast amount of effort, but a good one to contemplate, especially the end results that you really want to achieve in your minds eye. So thinking on them lines here are 21 quick ways to be creative for sketching new ideas.

  1. Sketch your face in a mirror, once done, exaggerate the features and create a monster out of your face on a separate piece of paper.
  2. Go on a wander and draw some trees, mountains or whatever you like, then use these drawings and sketches as inspiration to draw other things, maybe fantasy trees or a fantasy scene with trees and mountains.
  3. Watch a good film, whatever inspires you and then have your trusty sketch pad to hand and draw whatever comes into your head whilst atching the movie or straight after, sometimes we need a bit of movie effects and story stimulation to boost our imaginations.
  4. Take a sketch pad and just draw whatever comes to mind, free drawing is like free writing and can produce a load of crap, but it has been known to create some good ideas and gems that you could use for a drawing project later on down the line.
  5. Draw what you are best at for a full hour, then suddeny change direction and try to draw what you have trouble drawing, this type of creative exercise works wonders with challenging your mind to come up with a realistically good drawing for the things you can't draw too well, try it!
  6. Listening to music always frees up your artistic side, it helps you to relax, but also almost magically it can release some very creative ideas from your imagination, almost as if you are under a trance.
  7. Quick sketch the things that you see in movement, try  and capture the energy of the figure or whatever is moving, this is a good skill to master for an artist, as you can quick sketch almost anything and create spontaneous art that still looks just as good.
  8. Always draw what you're best at, make a time that you set aside just to work on drawing the things that you are the best at drawing, trademarks are often created by the top things that artists create and plus, if you can draw something really good, then you can draw it from all angles and with infinite variations.
  9. Sketch big and sketch small, have large sketch pads and also small sketch pads for sketch ideas, the way of working large and small is quite different and it mixes your mind up to work in all forms, larger scale sketching can be good for drawing battle scenes and smaller scale sketching could be used for quick sketching fast ideas.
  10. Anything that you see, should be sketched, although ideally this would depend on if you take your sketch pad everywhere with you, so maybe take a camera and take the shots of things you find interesting as you can use these photos later for reference sketching.
  11. Take the time with your good drawings, but never be afraid to abandon drawings that simply don't work, this frees up more time for you as you can just file it away as an unfinished piece of work, but you could pull the sketch out another day and find something in it to use a a basis of another drawing or piece of artwork.
Just sketch daily and organize all of your sketches into usable or not, but every drawing that you do, regardless of whether it is any good should be kept.....

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