Monday, 29 November 2010

Serpent Skull Art Iphone Case Now Available

I did a few new designs over at my Zazzle store which I actually had fun creating and this Serpent Skull art just was absolute fun to draw and color using my software program of choice, Gimp!

The lens flare effect helps to set the whole design off and you can buy this on an iphone case or all the other range of products, even the more popular cheap stickers, buttons and magnets too.

Over the next month or so I would really like to walk through the process of creating a piece of art like I do at Zazzle and show you the screen capture of maybe a drawing I will color, because that might actually be quite cool....Still learning a bit about using Gimp, but you learn something new every day and it's fun to come up with somehing cool and some amazing effects on my drawings as it really does make them look slightly more professional.

Take a look below at the Iphone case with the serpent skull design on it.....

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