Thursday, 7 June 2007

Demon Zombie Head Drawing

A Demons head drawing from the mind of a quite normal person, I just like to draw these omic book creatures again and again, and particularly as this resembles more of a zombie than a demon.
It's almost like the zombie is being hanged by the barbecue smoke trailing into the air!

Demonic Art
Update: One of the things that I have started to do is to computer colour these older drawings that I coloured with felt tip pens and so using Gimp I will go through some of the things that I do with that free art software tool that can make your coloured drawings much better.
Look out for some Gimp updates and I'll explain how I did them.
By the way, you may be interested in this recent post about how to draw a zombies head as I link to three youtube videos that I created on the very subject, the videos are fairly instructional and involve some quick sketching on my part, but they give you the general idea of drawing zombies heads and what you could draw for yourself.

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