Thursday, 2 August 2007

Dark Demonic Designs

Dark Demonic Designs

I created my first Cafepress store awhile ago now, but I remember at the point of starting out I had no idea how to promote them and so they remained archived in my favourites folder on my computer for ages, until one day I thought, there are others out there, that would have researched in detail how to market your designs out there.

So I started to find out how to do so, the importance of building backlinks and relevant ones became my focal point, then I constantly thought of other ways to drive some traffic to my stores, article marketing, free advertising etc.

Why demons?

Well I've always drawn monsters and created demonic art for ages, in the style of tattoos, tribal or otherwise, so I reckon I had the authority to create lots of demonic art designs on a range of free cafepress stores.

Demonic fantasy art drawings and designs

Dark Demonic Designs On A Range Of Collectible Merchandise For Sale

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