Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Fantasy Blog Header Undergoing Some Computer Graphic Magic

I drew the header graphic for this blog awhile back with the intention of adding a little photoshop magic, but my computer crashed and took with it the best part of £400 worth of photoshop software installed on the computer and so I've been experimenting with Gimp the free art manipulation software quite alot lately and one of the first drawings I played around with was this blog header.

And I knew I could make it better somehow with just the blend tool and adding some deeper reds to cancel out the flet tip marks on the original art and so that's what I did, although I would like to draken the background, so that the flames illuminate the darkness and create more depth to the shadow side of the demon.

My first attempt at using the Gimp software seemed to turn out quite well I think and I will keep you updated about finishing the graphic design on this top header graphic.

Here is the working version as you can also see right at the top of the blog, but it will change in time as I want to deepen and improve the depth of the design.

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