Wednesday, 21 October 2009

DickBlick A Superb Art Supply Specialist

For years now, I continually hear about how DickBlick is the best art supply store online and off with it's superb customer service, although they do supply internationally, it is generally the best if you live over in America to recieve the full benefits of getting the art products delivered to your door.

Find out about DickBlick and see what you could buy for your art projects as I wrote a small review about them here - Dickblick art supplies


  1. I actually do not shop at Dick Blick. They remind me of WalMart, with no personalisation, or good customer service. My heart and dollars actually go to Utrecht Art (, which has more stores than Blick, but they are more boutique feeling, and are also staffed with artists who actually know what they are talking about. Their prices are even better, which is always a plus. If you haven't stop by, you should, because I am sure you will feel like changing your review when you do.

  2. Cheers for the comment!
    I will take a look at your art supplier suggestion and do a review in the future.


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