Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Drawing And Inking Zombie Jesus Face

Just thought I'd have fun with the concept of drawing Zombie Jesus again, but this time with a more detailed head of the Zombie and then ink the drawing. A coloring tutorial video will follow eventually. The idea with this drawing series was to just draw Jesus as he would look if he really did rise from the dead.

Drawing Zombie Jesus - I sketched this Zombie face design with a mechanical HB pencil and enjoyed drawing this rotten looking face and of course people will complain as it's supposed to be the Son of God or something equally mundane, so that't why I jazzed it up slightly by making the drawing a Zombie of Jesus.

Inking the Zombie Jesus face drawing - Inking this highly detailed face of a Zombie I really had fun going over board with the details from the initial pencil sketch above.

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