Sunday, 3 June 2012

How To Draw A Pirate Skull

How to draw a pirate skull step by step

A simple step by step drawing tutorial for drawing a pirate skull. Drawn with a popper pencil and really broken down into bite sized steps so that you can follow along and draw this yourself. Start off with a shape much like an oval for the skull head and notice I've put the oval on an angle which helps to make the skull design look unique and better to look at.

When starting to draw any kind of head or face, the starting point should always be a rough oval shape. And this pirate skull drawing is no exception. Take a look at the following step by step photos of each drawing stage to see how to draw this Pirate Skull image and once you see how it's done you can draw better and more improved skulls as time goes on.

how to draw pirate skull
Draw an oval shape for the skulls head.

draw pirate skulls
Sketch the eye holes and a small line for the temple of the skull.

drawing pirate skulls
Sketching in the cheek bones of the skull and working on the skulls structure.

Loosely draw the top teeth of your skull.

pirate skull drawing
Draw loosely the lower teeth and jaw.

drawing pirate skulls tutorial
Sketch in the Pirate bandana.

Draw the eye patch on the skulls eye.

how to draw skulls
Define the top teeth by darkening the pencil lines.

draw skull
Sketching the bottom teeth now again darkening the lines.

Adding more detail around the skull face.

pencil drawing skull pirate
Shade the eyes and mouth with dark pencil shadows.

Final Details sketched in.

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