Sunday, 16 September 2012

Painting A Hellhound With Acrylics

In the following two videos I did a painting of a Hellhound with Acrylic paints. The first video focuses on the building up of the hellhounds form without any prior pencil sketching on the canvas. Although I decided to paint this based on an original drawing I did of a hellhound which had way more detail than the finished acrylic painting...I still feel I captured more energy in this painting and brought the hellhound more to life.

The second art video I decided to speed up the process of adding highlights and details to the fantasy hellhound painting. Acrylic paints always lend themselves to such a layered quality that making mistakes are certainly going to happen, but you can paint over them. Painting in glazes really helps to build up the layers of shades and quite possibly this painting might need some extra detail at a later stage, but for now on to another drawing or painting!

I always recommend good quality brushes for applying large quantities of acrylic paint for priming, glazing etc.

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