Sunday, 16 September 2012

How To Draw The Lizard From Amazing Spiderman

The Lizard is a Spiderman comic book villain which looks quite cool to draw. The recent movie called the amazing Spiderman features the Lizard character, but not as I've drawn him here. I have opted for the comic book style approach with his Scientists/Doctors jacket still being worn. I used a popper pencil for this drawing which is usually a HB pencil with up to nine lead refills in the plastic tube. So if you ever run one lead down, you can replace it with another out of the tube, a very inexpensive type of pencil.

Watch the video below to see how I tackled the process of drawing The Lizard!

Inking the Lizard character - Applying ink I always love to do as you can improve on the details and really create a permanent looking drawing. Gel ink pens are very cheap and if you don't have any of them I suggest you buy some because they are always a good ink pen to have in your artists toolbox. Berol fine line ink pens are also ideal, as well as thicker tipped Sharpie art markers too.