Saturday, 24 December 2011

How To Draw A Fantasy Trolls Head Video Tutorial Demonstration

How to draw a Trolls head step by step here in this video drawing tutorial demonstration you will find out how to approach the idea of drawing a Trolls head from the initial pencil drawing to the inking stage and then to the final color stage using Prismacolor Pencils which are just ace for blending and coloring with.

In the first two drawing videos you can see how to draw the Trolls head in pencil and then ink it with an ink pen. Then in the last three art videos you can see how to color in the drawing with Prismacolor Premier pencils.

How to ink a Trolls face 

Coloring Troll Head With Prismacolor Pencils

Prismacolor Coloring Demonstration

Prismacolor Troll Head Drawing Video

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