Saturday, 19 February 2011

How To Draw Venom

Drawing Venom from the Spiderman comics is a joy because I'm a fan of the comic books years ago in particular The Amazing Spiderman and I always thought Venom was a cool looking character to draw as he looks sort of like the black costume Spiderman and all that alien black Symbiote dribbling stuff is fun to draw too.

Here we'll go through the drawing video of how I drew Venom and hopefully you can pick up some pointers when it comes to your own Venom drawing.

In the video I start by sketching the whole figure in rough to get an idea on how the venom drawing will look and should look. It all starts with this initial first drawing and then it should start to come together somewhere along the lines.

I draw the Venom figure with a Hb pencil and then I start to use a black Crayola pencil to add definition to the figure and shadow right at the end, notice I don't add full blocks of black I try and define the muscles somewhat so that it appears solid in it's form....

Watch me draw Venom and then have a go yourself!