Saturday, 8 May 2010

Daily Sketching: Fantasy Creatures

For years I've been drawing fantasy creatures and so I have done a few more sketches of classic fantasy creatures like werewolves and vampires and am also part way through drawing a medusa drawing, which I need to ink it and complete it, so that I can scan it into the computer and colour it with some fantastic layers from Photoshop or maybe Gimp, I haven't decided yet.

Right now I am still focusing my efforts on some of my graphic novel pages and ideas for new pages, so that I can tie it all together and I'll show some sketches another day for that. but right now, lets take a look at some of my current fantasy creature sketches.

Now I  haven't quite got my scanner working at the current time, but when I do, the drawings will look better, but for now, I've had to use my web cam and you can't fit all the sketch in fram, so I've tried to show you a couple of different parts of the sketches below, first up is werewolf head that I sketched and inked, I just wanted the side profile view, so that I could try and practice the long nosed dog like head of a werewolf, I think it turned out well, better with more practice.

Now, the other thing I did that I was quite pleased with was sketching a gargoyle and that was on the spur of the moment, after someone requested it on my youtube channel one day, so I quickly sketched a Gargoyle drawing and it looked ok and I sketched it in the typical crouching pose that we remember from the gargoyle statues that adorn many buildings around the world, I do have a gargoyle drawing tutorial planned, so look out for it.

I took 4 web cam photos of some of the parts of the sketch that I couldn't take a shot of all in one, so you see the following parts of the gargoyle a bit closer now....

Medusa is a classic greek monster that I always used to draw back as a kid after seeing Ray Harryhausens Clash of the Titans, always loved his stop motion creatures as I always tried to draw them. Medusa here has all the elements of the 70's Clash of the Titans that I wanted to keep, just have to finish off the inking, so that I could scan it in the computer for some cool computer colouring, this is not the first Medusa drawing I've done and it won't be the last as I've had a few requests to do a drawing tutorial, so I may opt for either a video one or one right here with the step by step pictures.

Again I've done 4 web cam shots to show all the parts, such as the head and the serpent like body with the classic rattle snake tail end, so you can see the main Medusa design elements I wanted to achieve.

I may show an update in the future about these drawings and any drawing tutorials that I come up with.

Also I'm trying to set up a mailing list so that you can sign up and be made aware of any blog updates such as new drawing tutorials and also a free ebook which you can download and read, I'm aiming for the angle of the ebook to inspire artists with fantasy art, I'll keep you posted!