Thursday, 6 May 2010

Daily Journal: Weekly Sketching

I'm starting to day on this blog with a journal of the things that I am drawing and sketching and so I thought I would try and show a few sketches and other drawings that are currently works in progress that I have decided to try and finish, today marks the day that /I take this blog seriously and start to publish at least a new post every single day for the rest of my life.

Now on with the daily journal....

Sketches are my best ways of getting my ideas down, but also to get a feel for what I want my fantasy worlds to look like and to also get things in order to show on this blog....

First of all, what you see anywhere on this blog, all artwork is Copyright © Wayne Tully 2010 and any duplications of my artwork online and offline will result in a DMCA which is a copyright file notice and any other legal action will be sought in the under taking of such event, permission must be sought to show any work from Wayne Tully and his network of sites, unless you want to link back and give me the good credit, then just email me about it.

Right the esketches below are works in progress and some are still a bit sketchy, so here goes....I used my cheapo digital camera, so you can see a slight blur on some, oh well, next time I'll fire up my scanner and scan em in.

This one is sort of how I wanted it to be, a demon creature appearing out of the mind of a young girl, don't know why or how, but it looked cool when I drew it, I hope to use this as a cover to another comic book project that I have in the works, the trouble is I've got lots of big and small graphic novel projects going on that I am finding it hard to concentrate on them all, must focus on one project at a time eh?

This pencil and ink drawing sketch was just a random demon creature as most times I get obssessed with drawing tentacles and other weird creature parts, that look quite cool when you draw them in contrast with an almost humanoid type body. Heavily inspired by some of the Resident Evil creatures here with this one so who knows how I might re-draw it and re-design the idea.

A Flaming Skull art concept sketch that I am developing for another project which involves a lot of skulls, interestingly enough I haven't done much shading lately with my art and I used to excel in it, so I'll do a
shading tutorial soon on how to shade effectively and that should be a good blog post.

One of the things that I always think about when I'm sketching everyday is that everything should be archived and used, because if you don't use a piece of art for anything then why draw it in the first place? I like to draw the best possible ideas and I always try to think how I could use them, if not now, but in the future for some new project.

Any ideas on what I could show you how to draw, go on request a drawing lesson and see what I can come up with.

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