Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How To Draw A Fantasy Creature Video Drawing Tutorial

Drawing a fantasy creature I did three drawing videos and so here I want to expand on it with more thoughts on the drawing process together with the videos. Drawing a fantasy creature is as much about tapping into your imagination as it is about seeing other artists work and gaing some moments of inspiration from them.

The videos below are in three stages of a drawing, first sketch, development sketch and almost final pencil sketch, the thing to remember when drawing naything is that you draw in stages,nothing should be directly drawn in detail at the beginning, because you should really get into the habit of planning a drawing first and seeing where it goes.

So the first video - First sketch is about laying the foundation of the drawing and seeing if it will work, I like this stage of drawing very much because, you can see how you're drawing and also you are building up the key elements of the art and that to me can be done with quick sketching or a more focused approach. The whole idea of drawing something is so that you'll be happy with the results and that you yourself drew it and can be proud of it, so plan your sketches out and if that means sketching small draft sketches on a scrap of paper beforehand then do so.

Often when I do these videos I'd prefer you to follow drawing them or really just watch to see how you draw them, because when I talk over the drawing process, it's hard to convey my thoughts all in one 3 to 4 minute video, the idea with the first sketch is like a sculpture, building a wire frame of the drawing and you go from there....

Watch the starting video....

Video 1 - Fantasy Creature Drawing

Now the second stage of the drawing process,the development sketch is really to work with what you've got and build upon the previous sketch, I prefer to darkenpencil lines and strengthen the figures or the form and structure of the creature so that I have a clear balance of the creature.

In this second drawing step I usually fill in some more details of the creature, such as muscles and other lines to suggest more muscle form and even other details like skin folds and creases and a slight bit of shading, once this step has been completed, the next part is to shade in the key areas that you want and make the drawing look more clearer.

Watch the second video...

Video 2 - Developing The Creature Drawing

In the last drawing video of drawing a fantasy creature we have to define the creatures form even further by adding shading and darkening the pencil lines even more and I did this sparingly as I didn't want to overwhelm the creature art too much with huge dark areas, you could do what you want with your creature art, but I preferred to have some sort of light source, even though the creature was probably in a darksewer as suggested by the water surround it, almost like it's just emerged from the filthy sewage water.

At the end of the video I'm happy with the result, although it's not a prefecly finished and polished piece of pencil art, the idea is there for finishing another day...

Watch the last video....

Video 3 - Creature Shading

I hope this drawing lesson/tutorial helped you in drawing your own fantasy creatures.

Any other drawing tutorial requests I'd be happy to help?