Monday, 10 May 2010

Daily Journal Sketching: Fairy Sketching

A couple of months ago, my mum requested a fairy/angel drawing that would be coloured as a present for her birthday, which is in under 3 weeks (Yikes!!) and so between this time I've only done a couple of sketches for this, to try and work out how it will look and will more than likely finish this last minute for her colours and all.

The idea that I had was of a small fairy angel after trying to draw full size fairy angels I settled on a 2 sketches to work on in the next few days and you can see these 2 below, they are of typical fairies with almost old fashioned dresses and long flowing hair with some curls on it, I always liked the idea of fairies dresses made up of bits of flowers for decoration and make the fairy angles look quite nice and beautiful.

Although if you've seen all of my other drawings, you would know that I'm more used to drawing demons and monsters, but I took this upon myself to challenge my artistic abilities and try to draw a fairy that my mum would be proud of and hang on the wall in her house.

Now the first drawing was one that I won't consider for my mums fairy angel, because it's too large a fairy and more of a comic book fairy, but I thought I'd show you the sketch anyway....

The fairy sketches below are the ones that I think are more suited to my piece of fairy art for my mum, as they show the angel fairy small and quite tiny compared to the flower and I think this will better reflect the design brief my mum told me, although she wants the fairy to be coloured a turquoise colour, which would look quite nice, I think I need to do a few more sketches before I decide on a definate fairy pose.

Here is another fairy, which I liked when I drew it, I wanted to almost capture the fairy flying in the air, possibly above a garden of flowers or something that fits what a fairy is expected to be doing like in the fairy art of Amy Brown or some other fairy artist.

Hopefully you can see the image of the fairy holding her arms up in the air, much like actors do when they are on wires and so I've took 3 web cam shots to see the drawing in slightly different views.

What I hope to achieve is a fairy angel artwork that will look good and last forever as that special piece of art that Wayne Tully took the time to create for his mum.

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