Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Art Book Review: Drawing And Painting The Undead By Keith Thompson

Drawing the undead and painting them seems a rather brilliant statement to undertake and with the above named book I have been having some fun with the many undead creatures in this book (Drawing them that is!) there are a couple of classics, but there are some undead nasties that I must admit I've never heard of, but they do look like fun to draw.

The book itself is filled with fantastic illustrations of such undead classics as Wraiths, Vampires and undead corpses or zombies, in fact the book gives a rough outline of how the drawings are created from scratch with small sketches that form the basis of an idea and then you can see the progression of the drawing to it's finished form, but this is done in such a way that it inspires you to come up with drawing your own creature of the undead.

The cover of the book, just drew me in when I was going to buy it and who can resist drawing the undead? I certainly couldn't and plus I read some of the reviews on Amazon before I purchased it and some people said it was a good book and I agree, with over 145 pages, each page has a drawing or painted piece of artwork to draw inspiration from.

From the start of the book you are introduced to sources of finding inspiration from outside sources such as movies, comics and books and then with quick overviews in working with digital art and the importance of keeping a sketchbook, then really short, quick overviews of the building blocks such as basic anatomy and then it's straight into drawing a few examples or draw your own and that's what I like about this book is that it doesn't say draw this and that, it just lays it all out for you to absorb what you will and go off and sketch some stuff.

Keith Thompsons art is excellent and you can visit his website here - Keith Thompson, although he does occasionally have help from other artists in the book, but you can see that this guy is a fantastic fantasy artist who likes to draw some horror elements in his work, although I never heard of Keiths fantasy work before and his work I most certainly do now.

Drawing and painting the undead is available to buy on Amazon and I do recommend it if you like to draw all that horror fantasy stuff like me. Check the book out below!

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