Friday, 14 May 2010

Drawing Secrets, Are There Really Any Secrets To Drawing?

Drawing secrets, yeah right, I don't think there are any secrets to drawing, as they are all out there in some form or another and further more drawing, you either get on with practising sketching or you don't, because the world of art revolves around you actually trial and erroring the way you work anyway as an artist, so test every medium to find your strengths and your weaknesses and lose the weak mediums, for me watercolour painting is my weak medium, but I will be practicing to try and improve my skills in this area.

There are no drawing secrets because no one is hiding them or with holding the truth behind drawing, it is up to the artist to draw some stuff, as much as they want!! Sorry for this rant, but I am annoyed by the apparent marketing of Drawing as hidden secrets, which they are not, fine, show how to draw something, but do not pretend that there are drawing secrets when there are not, people either choose to learn to draw or they do not, end of!

Now here is a little drawing what, shut up!!

Sorry about that little rant and rave, now what I want to do with this post is to do something different and to ask you what you are good at drawing, because I thought it would be interesting to see what we are all up to and what we all enjoy drawing the most and so I'll go first and show you my drawing.

You can comment below and add a link to your best art and I will check it out and comment and subscribe and just generally encourage you, as it should be really!

Right now I've been drawing all day as usual and today I have drawn another demon design, but it's for a tattoo and which will be a set of 8 demon head tattoos that will all be the same size and I hope you like it, because this is what I enjoy drawing every time, monsters and demons and other wordly creatures.

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