Thursday, 13 May 2010

Drawing Vampires: Sketching The Figures

When it comes to drawing vampires I do like to sketch out a load of potential figures and poses first to choose from, the process of draft sketching is an important one for the artist as it not only gets you into the practice of drawing in an ordered way it builds your confidence as well with quick sketching, by creating fast ideas right on the page.

We all know what vampires look like with the many horror films that have come and gone and so,it's just a case of deciding on a character idea that you are happy with, I've settled for the woman villager type of vampire (which is based on those classic Hammer horror Dracula films!), dressed in an old style dress or maids out fit, possibly a nightie, haven't decided yet, we'll just see as I start to sketch along with my written words here.

In the following draft sketch I have drawn the full figure of the vampire woman and then done a separate head shot to see a close up of the vampire woman's head fangs and all, you'll notice that a sketch is just the rough outline and will probably be not the final drawing so don't worry about getting it wrong at this stage, because you've got plenty of time to make it work, that's what they made art erasers for!

Hopefully in these web cam shots you can see the vampires drawn figure, together with the close up sketch of the head too and this is the classic way of drawing new characters, a profile head shot with a full figure drawing, of course you'd add other notes along the way like costume colours and things you would change, but it's a start.

I'm going to do a couple of follow on posts for this blog post as I can see it as a small drawing project and a 3 or 4 part series on drawing this vampire so watch out for the next post soon!

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