Sunday, 3 October 2010

Drawing Monster Faces In Circles - Circle Designs

A recent video of mine I did a drawing of a monster face in a circle drawn with a compass, just something to pass the time and also to do for yourself, drawing within circles can be useful for many artists and designers as it helps you become spacially aware of how much space you have to draw your design within the confines of a small circle. Because you won't have the full paper space on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper, you are limited in what you could draw, but nevertheless, you could draw something quite cool.

In the following video, I draw a monster face within a circle and it's pretty much how I approach the art of drawing Halloween pumpkins which I do refine the circle image somewhat to resemle a pumpkin. The monster can be more or less what you want it however and I have stayed within the confines of the circle, but there's nothing stopping you to venture out of the circle and build on your chosen design.

Have fun drawing some circle designs of your own and watch the video below....

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