Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Drawing Dragons - The Art Of Dragons

Dragons are the popular creatures in fantasy, ask someone to name a creature in the worlds of fantasy and they will more than likely say Dragons!

Drawing dragons is like anything, a step by step process that should be geared around the way you want to draw and not the way another artist set in their own ways drawing the way they do.

Dragons are the beautiful fantastical creatures that are quite graceful with their huge wings and long flowing body and whatever type of dragon it is, because if you are a fantasy fan of the true sense then you'll know that there are different dragon types like fire dragons, ice dragons,mountain dragons etc. The many variations of dragon types should inspire you.

Dragon creatures drawn step by step for the way they look are distinctive in design, this little blog post will go through the process of drawing dragons from my perspective as an artist, who has drawn this stuff for years.

See this Drawing tutorial on how to draw a dragon, it's simplistic, but effective in it's creative approach.

Dragon Art Copyright Wayne Tully.