Monday, 8 November 2010

Drawing Lessons - Wondering What To Draw

When wondering what to draw there always comes a question to challenge and block us from creating anything like What the hell to draw? but like anything there are ways and means to get creative with drawing based on other artists work that you may see.

But really it's about how you approach the task of creating some of your own work that helps you to create some cool looking stuff and quite honestly it does require you to be in that state of mind of wanting something to happen and being creative with your pencil. A busy pencil is a great tool, so get your pencil busy when sketching, create lines and marks that are not only random, but really meaningful in what you are trying to convey.

A blank piece of paper

Every artist starts off with a blank canvas or an empty piece of paper that is just itching for it to be filled with some masterpiec work of art that you feel you want to get down on there and sometimes it can be quite intimidating to see an empty blank sheet of paper as you may feel quite daunted by it, but really there is nothing to fear, watch the video below to see how I tackled this problem it's just a case of starting the sketching and see where it takes you....

Sketches make many ideas possible

A wider range of sketches can bring one or more ideas to the front of your mind and really offset each other in terms of how they could be developed further down the line with new and even more improved sketches. I look at how the first sketch came about and see if I can draw variations of it in different ways, to see if I can stretch it out and create something much better, usually I can it just takes a little bit of time to do so.

If you don't like one way of drawing, then try another, because experimenting with different ways of holding a pencil can produce different results, so don't always feel limited in any way with art.

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