Saturday, 13 November 2010

How To Draw And Create A Treasure Map Part 2 - Inking The Map

Now in part 2 of our drawing video series of drawing a treasure map we take a look at inking our map and really bringing the whole thing together, of course I do mention that you could start naming the places in on your map, but I chose not to at this stage.

I'm using my ever trusty gel ink pen to ink the line work on the map and so, watch the video to see how it turns out.....

Drawing a treasure map here's how the final inked drawing looks!

Treasure map art Copyright


  1. Treasure maps are always fun to look at!

  2. They sure are Sweets!

    Got the coloring stage to do and then it's time to try and age the treasure map with my best way of doing it.....?


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