Monday, 13 September 2010

How To Draw A Fairy - Fairy Drawing

Fairy drawing is something that I'm not used to and through this second post I feel I'm slowly getting there to draw a fairy, because you may remember my half arsed approach last time here - Drawing Fairies and now you can compare that one to this effort and there is slight improvements.

Although I did feel that the arms appeared too large and the feet, but it's an inspirational look at drawing a fairy and maybe the next time it will be much better, so without further self criticism, here is how to draw a fairy....

The first steps of any drawing has to be about a figure sketch that doesn't say a lot, as it needs to describe the shape of the fairies figure, but not reveal everything straight away, a simple way of doing this is to break down the figure into simple shapes, much like I've done before in my other drawing tutorials.

You can see below, that the fairy could be almost anything, but at least you know it will eventually become a fairy.

Fairy Sketch Step 1....
The next stage of our fairy drawing I suppose would be to bring out the figure more and refine it into something more tangible as a fairy figure form, also we can add some of the rough details like sketching in the dress and a few lines for the hair and basic features which will change in the next drawing stage.

Sometimes it might be worth trying to trace using a lightbox to see if you can capture the general figure and practice a few other figure positions at this drawing stage before it becomes final.

Drawing a fairy Step 2.....

One of the interesting aspects of this fairy drawing is that it's largely better than other fairies I've drawn, so it really does help to keep on practicing at every chance that you get because you do get better, maybe it's not noticeable until you compare your drawings, but art does improve over time, I assure you!

The third sketch is the best as we can throw out most of the rough pencil lines now and dispense with them as we have a good idea where we are going now or at least you should. Notice the curls on the fairies hair and more detail and refined design elements come into play now, this is when you know that your fairy drawing is going to be better than you thought.

Fairy drawing Step 3....

The final stage of the fairy drawing for me was about adding those finishing touches, such as eyes and more subtle details on the fairies dress with the flowers, although still not entirely happy with the fairies legs and arms, it still is an idea, a germ of inspiration for your own fairy drawings.

I inked the last fairy sketch with a fine line gel ink pen, which is always nice to ink with as the ink flows better and doesn't clog up when you are adding ink to your drawings, Biros are a good example of a pen that clogs, although I sketch often with a black biro I never use them for inking anymore.

When drawing your own fairies, try and get inspiration from fashion magazines, as this is what I will do for the next fairy drawing tutorial, as each tutorial passes I want to surpass the last one. And the possibilities of drawing a fairy that looks like a fashion model is very exciting to try and work out, it's a challenge, so watch this space....

Final inked fairy drawing Step 4....

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