Sunday, 12 September 2010

Crayola Crayon Halloween Pumpkin Color Demonstration Video

Search for CrayolaBeen busy creating some YouTube videos lately (Can't you tell?!!) and in this one I have colored a Halloween pumpkin with those trusty and most classic Crayola crayons which I've used ever since I was a little devil back at nursery drawing on the nursery walls (Naughty me!!)

The Crayola crayons are wax crayons and so they do need you to get past the fact that wax sometimes leaves crumbs of wax crayon on the drawing and this can be frustrating for some, but it is a workable medium as you can easily shake the bits off yor drawing or even get a small scalpel and scrape them off.

In the following video I color a Halloween pumpkin drawing I did for this Halloween and you can see how to draw a halloween pumpkin here.

Watch the video to see the Crayola Crayons in action....