Thursday, 23 September 2010

Can You Learn To Be An Artist?

This is a question that you might ask if youve never drawn before or created pieces of artwork yourself. to the amateur artist, you might wonder can you learn to be an artist, but somethings go beyond basic talent and sometimes a need for learning to draw or a need to express your creative side may not require talent, just commitment to figure out the many problems to solve by actually getting on with drawing a load of stuff, whether that's life drawing or imaginative art.

A sense of knowing about a particular topic is what is required, but I always think that the deeper you get into learning how to draw, the better your artistic skills will become regardless of any specific talent in art.

I suppose my interest in art started from learning how to draw stuff, anything and then I just got interested in the imaginative side of art like fantasy art and it all snowballed from there. Art is what you make it and being interested in a certain subject area really helps you focus all of your creative energies. The idea that drawing is something you can learn is very true, but you do have to stick with it and be experimental in your approach to making marks on paper. Draw with pencils, but also learn to draw and make marks with paint brushes, art markers and other art mediums like paints and spray paint. Art makes you feel free in a way, because you can set a piece of work to order in a specific way and be organized with it or you can just let your imagination run free.

Learning to be an artist is certainly a good idea, whether that's being a self taught artist like me or a trained artist who went to college and university for a good few years, it doesn't matter, so long as the interest in art can sustain your enjoyment and a certain degree of career satisfaction then why not.

Beginning your learning journey with art should always begin with the basics, the very foundations of art, such as figure drawing, life drawing, objects of interest and then your art can become a transcended amalgamated form that becomes your passion, the reason why you like drawing and want to continue to draw.

The reasons why I draw is because it's relaxing letting your mind wander, seeing the sights of your imagination and not letting others thoughts and images influence a bad creative mental block. Others art should influence you in a positive way and should be all that you can see and touch and feel. The art that's all around us can truly be one of the most magnificent things to look at on a daily basis, it can shape and mould our creative minds and help us in times of creative need, the mind needs feeding a lot and different artists work can bring about a change in thought processes to unchain negative doubts and reaffirm your artistic confidence.

So, in answer to the question, if I haven't veered off topic slightly, is that you can learn to be an artist, but there is more to be learnt from actually being an artist if that makes sense, the more you draw, the more adept you get at problem solving, whether that's drawing realistic figures or drawing your art in a way that has a feel of realism, but keeps to your own art style well and therefore doesn't detract or deviate from one subject matter to another.

Drawing should be fun and really, just draw what interests you.

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