Monday, 27 September 2010

Gargoyle Art Ideas And Pencil Sketches

Gargoyles are great to draw I've found out quite recently, as I have just started drawing them last year and a bit this year and on my Fantasy art video channel on YouTube I have created 3 videos so far experimenting with drawing a Gargoyle. Each Gargoyle has it's own look and design and the designs have something in common with an almost stone like texture to the drawings.

I have an upcoming Gargoyle drawing tutorial and in that you will find a fusion of these Gargoyle drawings.

Look at the drawing videos and be inspired to draw your own Gargoyle.

I've always remembered Gargoyles from that movie Gremlins 2 where the winged Gremlin gets covered in concrete and then flies on top of a building and dries rock solid, classic.

Draw yourself a Gargoyle.