Monday, 18 October 2010

How To Draw An Alien Head - Drawing Video

Drawing an Alien has always been a classic, together with drawing a Predator from the movies and so following on from that other drawing video about drawing a Predator head, I thought I would do a drawing of an Alien head to go with it.

Now Aliens have that classic biomechanical design which did lose some of it's design in the later movies, I think James Camerons Aliens were more biomechanical, but some of Gigers imagery was unmistakable in the first Alien movie and you could spot some of his paintings in the movie, recreated as film sets.

The fact that Aliens have no eyes and the smooth surface of the dome of the Aliens head is the most recognizable feature makes it the easiest to draw if yo start off with this part of the Aliens head.

In the following drawing video, you can see a full Alien head being drawn and sketched out from scratch. Of course I did have a reference photo to work from, but over time you might not need one.


  1. too fassssssssst can you slow it down

  2. wow to fast but you are a good at drawing


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