Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #6 - Mermaid Drawing

A true drawing journal is useful to try and explore art you aren't comfortable in creating as you lack the confidence to make it. Here I chose a loose mermaid sketch to try and force myself to draw more of this at a later date. I've drawn stuff like this before and Fairies, but I wasn't entirely happy with the results.

The more I draw a Mermaid though I guess the better they will look in the future. This is only the beginning! Strangely though I did enjoy this rather peaceful Mermaid drawing and wanted to continue adding stuff the background of the drawing, but didn't have the time. I'll update this post with any new Mermaid drawing developments.

mermaid pencil sketch
Tried to make this Mermaid look like She is speeding through the water
with her hair flowing straight back and bubbles and some movement
lines near the tail.
mermaid sketch
The placement of her right hand was going to be holding or touching a Dolphin
but I decided to just show the Mermaid sketch for now, there may be chance to develop
 this and actually finish it.

mermaid draft sketch
A lip smile on the Mermaids face makes the character seem happy
unlike the majority of my other artworks.