Monday, 12 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #5 - Frost Troll Of Skyrim

The theme is not just skulls I want to draw and focus on the daily sketch journal. And so I am working on other stuff too. This quick illustration was born out of a frustration with me drawing too many skulls at times. I've always liked to draw skulls and I suppose I use it as my pre warm up drawing exercise to try and draw a skull in more of a gesture type style of sketching. I've took a few photos of portions of the quick sketch and an additional head shot.

So the following art is trying to break free of my comfort zone and tackling other subjects that can inspire me further in my artistic journey. And so I chose to practice sketch a Frost Troll from the popular Skyrim game. Of course it is to create a future drawing video to show how to draw the Skyrim creature, but still it's enough of a break from my usual stuff I draw to get into drawing what other people might find good.