Monday, 15 November 2021

Daily Sketch: Warhammer Chaos Plague Helm Art


Warhammer is a great childhood bit of nostalgia and one that brings back happy memories of creative day dreams and trying to figure out how to draw the stuff I used to see in the White Dwarf magazine.

For this drawing I wanted to try and go for the disgusting chaos plague, sort of like the Nurgle creatures with a lot of rot on this rotten helmet with almost intestine like gas mask tubes.

As a kid, I never could perfect the ink work on this or similar types of drawings and so in later life, I'm happy to try and realize this fantasy stuff more now that I love to draw dark horror themed stuff more now than ever.

One of my most favourites is the Plaguebearers and I've never really successfully drawn one that I've liked, so I hope to have a go and see how that turns out.

As with other ink drawings of creatures and monsters I really enjoy inking the flesh textures as I can waste a lot of time inking loads of them details on a piece of artwork.

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