Monday, 15 November 2021

Daily Sketch: Dark Demon Souls Necrosphere Ink Drawing

 A dark demon souls necrosphere ink sketch I did in an art stream here - Drawing Dark Thing

dark demon souls ink drawing
This was just a concept sketch based on an idea I had for a t-shirt design, it may need some re-working as half way through like most drawings I had a better idea,but it still is a valid ink sketch and one that I could develop in time.

I didn't want to make the design complicated and one that would have been difficult to cut out from the white background as most t-shirt designs must be a transparent image.

I drew a similar piece years ago, and I coloured that in green with the skulls not really looking demonic like in this photo.

I guess this is another common theme for me to draw. The thick outline on the top of the design really is bugging me, so I'll have to work on that a bit, maybe get some more inky textures in there to work that thick ink line out.

I love inking this stuff!

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