Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Daily Sketch: Dark Demon Soul Necronisphere Ink Sketch


This is a variation of the one I did here - Dark Demon Soul Art and I wanted to make a few changes, just to get the design looking right in my mind and on paper.

The demon skull had to be a bit more in the centre and the other skulls stretching rotten flesh surrounding it, it was a minor change that I felt I had to do, although I do like both designs, I do feel that I could do a 3rd version of this drawing and mix it up even further.

Something that I never thought about whilst drawing these, they look like pizzas, which was unintentional.

Again, I'm still working on this concept for a t-shirt design and although I like the drawings so far, I feel it just needs a little bit more development and also finishing or rather neaten up the inks on the drawings.

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