Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Daily Sketch: Demonic Parasite Ink Sketch

demon parasite artwork

A Demonic parasite ink sketch concept I drew in a recent art stream here - Drawing Demon Parasite

I wanted the premise to be that the parasite had drained the life force out of the mans head, that's why it looked zombified and rotting away and then the parasite after feeding off it's host for some time, just suddenly bursts out of the hosts chest and eats through the hosts brains leftovers and then on to another host the parasite would go.

Such a lovely design of my usual ink sketchy artwork. This was based on an idea in my head and it turned out pretty much how I thought it would, only a bit better.

I would have liked to add more brain chunks and the eye a bit more mangled in the ink sketch, but I'm happy with the way it was created.

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