Monday, 12 July 2010

Wizard Drawing Books

There are many Wizard drawing books available to buy on Amazon and they don't cost that much, especially if you buy them second hand or from a third party seller, which is what I usually do to get a couple of cheap books.

Drawing Wizards can be fun and is one of the more popular fantasy characters that you can draw, along with Witches and Dragons, a Wizard is often tought of as an old man with a beard who wears a long flowing robe and has a staff that is used for walking but also doubles as his magical staff that could shoot energy bolts of out.

Here are a selection of books that I think you might find useful, when deciding on a drawing book to buy, always read the reviews, because people who have actually read and gone through the book may be able to tell you some other information that the standard Amazon book description does not.

The above books are some of the best books for drawing wizards and even witches and some even show you how to draw other fantasy creatures or characters too, which is a bonus.

Also you might be interested in.....

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