Saturday, 10 July 2010

Figure Drawing: Drawing Movement In Figures

Wooden Mann on my headphonesImage by Frosted Peppercorn via Flickr
Today, I thought I would start a blog series of posts on drawing movement in the human figure, because not only is this a most asked question online, I've had a few emails about this recently too, so I thought I would address this issue of drawing dynamic figures. Although I am an artist who draws in a comic book style, my art style still needs to have and show movement in any figures that I personally draw, so here we go....

Learning to draw figures is easy when you have a tool called an artists wooden mannequin which I always have in my work studio space, as it provides you with ways to view the figure in relation to a scaled down version of the human figure and you can move the arms and the legs and the top torso and head too and so it gives you ideas on how to draw different poses.

The following video gives you a loose idea on how to draw figures based on an idea that you may see or a thought that you may want to try and sketch out....
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