Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Demon Art Drawing - An Old Demonic Design

This demon drawing which was a quick tattoo design, although quite sketchy at the time with the black biro I used, I drew it on the back of an envelope and found it quite recently amidst the chaos of my rubbish filing system that really needs tidying out.

The demon itself, came across almost alien like in it's final phase of sketching and although I did draw the bottom jaw too thin, it does serve as a drawing that I can still use and improve upon. Drawing a demon is what I've always done, drawing them as tattoos for friends and to sell on Ebay on A3 sheets with numerous other demonic art variations.

This demon drawing brought back memories at the time of me being bored out of head in a 4 day first aid training course, I drew others too, except when I was doing the practical side of the course I couldn't do any drawing, but I sure did when I was being talked to by some first aid expert who had a monotonous voice that drilled through you like a dull grey thunder storm that actually is a sweaty and unamazing fart!

I like the contrast of the envelope showing through when scanned as the black drawing of the demon just sits there, looking all evil and scary.....

And here is the demon drawing without the envelope background......


  1. Wayne,

    Love your blog and You Tube videos. I've recently taken up drawing again and find your site very inspirational.

    Could you possibly do some videos that focus on shading?

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks Anthony!

    Thanks for your request too, I've got a long queue of videos and blog posts to get on with and I'm finding it fun!

    Thanks for your comment, it is much appreciated!

    Wayne Tully


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