Thursday, 1 July 2010

What Sketch Pencils Do I Use?

I thought it might be a good idea to mention what sketch pencils I use and why I have a stash of cheapo sketch pencils too. For any artist on the go who is very busy like me, then you don't want to strain your feeble brain on too many pencil purchase decisions, because art is what you make it and also some of the better sketch pencils can be expensive, but good to have in your artists tool box.

I'm a great believer in using pencils I am familiar with and often they are ones that I've used at school such as the Staedtler pencils, they come in all the grades and tonal ranges that you would expect and they are just downright comfortable to use, occasionally I do get a piece of blu-tack and wrap it aound the pencil for extra comfort when sketching.

Some of the mechanical pencils that you may see me drawing with in my drawing videos are my most favourite pencils to draw with, because all they require is the lead refills to top them up instead of having to sharpen them everytime, I use the super cheap Roseart Greatgrips, which I can't seem to find on Amazon, but they do exist, so do look for them in art shops as they are a great mechanical pencil to draw with.

The more expensive or branded drawing pencils like Derwent or Faber Castell can sometimes be found at bargain prices on Amazon and I've bought the odd few packs or tins of these sketch pencils with Amazon Gift certificates, but like any artist who is probably classed as a starving artist, then you may opt for the budget pencils to save money and they are just as good and you may find these listed as art pencil value packs