Thursday, 8 January 2015

How To Draw A Goblin Step By Step

How to draw a Goblin step by step drawing tutorial demonstration. Goblins are very popular in lots of imaginary fantasy worlds that lots of other Artists have created. This tutorial aims to show a small glimpse of a Goblin as a cheeky imp, sort of mischievous.

Here are the basic steps to drawing one possible version of a Goblin. I've tried to spread out the steps and make it easy enough to follow along. (I most certainly will be doing another Goblin drawing tutorial in the future!)

Click each image to see the larger picture.

drawing goblins
Draw a small potato shape for the head of your Goblin

Next, add some ears and eyes

Try and sketch in lightly a good devilish grin on the face

Start to work on the arms and torso of your Goblin

Still sketching lightly for the legs and arms, loosely sketch the hands too

Adding from to the torso and making the shoulders appear clothed with short shirt sleeves

Defining the leg shapes and now lightly sketching in the feet which look like they are in bandages

With the basics of the figure captured we can darken the pencil lines on our Goblin

Your Goblin is beginning to take shape

how to draw goblins
Solidly darkening the feet now

All the pencil drawing stage is complete, take a step back and look at your Goblin

I'm using a Uni-pin 0.1 to ink the lines as this gives a clean crisp ink line

goblin drawing
Start to ink the folds in the Goblins shirt

You'll see that the inking really helps define your drawing even further

Don't forget the feet

Ink the hands last as I always feel like I need to decide if the Goblin is going to hold something,but alas no.

Forgot to ink that cheeky evil grin, I gave the Goblin small sharp teeth

how to draw goblins
A finished Goblin drawing, just erase the pencil lines if you wish

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